Robin Sightings

Exciting News! Our Forest Bridge Trust Ecologist has captured the first-ever footage of a North Island robin / Toutouwai on private land in the Tāwharanui buffer zone, (outside the predator-proof fence). This suggests that the Robin populations in the park are doing well, and the lack of space has them searching for new territories.

The success is attributed to the good connectivity provided by planting restoration efforts, allowing poor gap-crossing species like the Robin to explore beyond the park. While it’s a positive sign, the presence of predators outside the fence poses a risk. Predator control measures are crucial if we are to protect these birds from predation from mustelids and rats.

Special thanks Takatu LandCare and TOSSI (Tāwharanui Open Sanctuary) for their ongoing support and to Auckland Council for funding rat control in this vital area. Let’s ensure the success story continues!