Update from our CEO Ana ChristmasAutumn 2024

Ana, Eliane and Kiwi

March seems like a time when there’s lots swirling around us. With Autumn upon us, we’re seeing a seasonal flurry of young and dispersing pests. Our frontline team have been vigorous in their efforts to make a dent in the numbers of those dispersing animals, so they don’t proliferate in the coming season.

Behind the scenes, we are assessing our progress against our target of 54,000 hectares under mustelid control by June 2025… and you know what? We are smashing it! With our latest count being 43,215 hectares. In this month’s newsletter, you’ll get to read all about the team’s work, focusing on getting those hectares, inspiring the community, checking those traps and filling the gaps in the map of our bridge – connecting safe landscapes for kiwi and other indigenous species to thrive.

As we approach the final year of our Jobs for Nature funding with Save the Kiwi and we are turning our sights to our strategy moving forward. How we amplify the legacy of these five years, how we maintain the gains through a changing landscape of investment, and how we best rally the support needed from our community and other partners to continue this legacy for future generations.

We are inspired and motivated by the collective effort, particularly from our farmers and rural producers such as forestry, who are rallying after the adverse weather events of last year, to bolster our efforts and uplift their passion and care for the land and environment. Our recent attendance at the Ballance Farm Environment Awards, where we supported our friends Kaipara Moana Remediation who showcased progress in this decade-long project to restore the Kaipara Harbour’s river catchments, enhancing water quality and protecting local ecosystems. The harbour’s health is vital, supporting fish habitats crucial for New Zealand. Initially labelled in crisis in 2011, our collective efforts have made strides. We aid landowners in sediment reduction, wetland restoration, and afforestation, with KMR funding up to half of the project costs. Results include 576 Sediment Reduction Plans, 1.5 million trees planted, and 640km of fencing. Though impacts may not be immediate, this legacy project promises lasting benefits for future generations.

For our leadership team, our focus is on how we tell our story of Impact, succinctly, so we can inspire, engage and connect with further investment into the important work of The Forest Bridge Trust. We have been working with the Ākina Foundation to explore our Impact narrative, concepts for developing other revenue streams and testing these concepts with key stakeholders. We will be drawing on the collective knowledge and wisdom of both our team and our diverse community to support our future focus and we look forward to sharing and engaging with you all on this journey.

“In nature, we are constantly undergoing transformation, evolving to meet the challenges of our environment. Embrace change, for it is the catalyst for growth and the key to our collective survival.” – Adapted quote from Rachel Carson

Ti hei mauri ora