TFBT Working With You In Person Under The Traffic Light System

Now that NZ is operating under the traffic light system (Covid-19 Protection Framework) it is important that TFBT complies with government regulations. With Omicron on our doorstep, it is also important that we have a clear but flexible strategy that in some situations includes additional health protocols.

The strategy we have developed has a range of options for the different scenarios. Of course, this may change as the government updates its advice and we react to the evolving Covid-19 situation.

Below is what you can expect from us:

Please note: We respect any decision you make regarding your own personal vaccination status and how you share this information. However, if you choose not to confirm your vaccination status the default position will be to proceed as if you were unvaccinated.

Before a meeting/interaction/event we will:

  • Advise any vaccination requirements (either imposed by the venue, or required for our staff to attend)
  • Advise any other requirements (either imposed by the venue, or required for our staff to attend) e.g. mask wearing, physical distancing
  • If we are meeting at your property, we will ask you to share any specific requirements you have for the visit/meeting/event.
  • Before our staff engage with others, we confirm with them that they do not have any Covid-19 symptoms (as per Ministry of Health Guidelines).

When you meet with our staff we will:

With ‘My Vaccine Pass”:

  • show you a copy of our ‘My vaccine’ pass
  • request to see vaccinations passes for those we are meeting with (please do not be offended if our staff use the verifier app to scan your pass. This is a standard procedure for all businesses)
  • even with vaccination passes our staff may still wear a mask. Please do not be offended, this is for their protection and yours.

Please note: As per government guidelines negative Covid tests or health records will not be accepted in lieu of a ‘My Vaccine’ Pass.

Without ‘My Vaccine Pass”:

  • Numbers of participants will be limited to 6 non TFBT staff – regardless of the traffic light setting.
  • Social distancing will be required
  • Our staff will wear masks
  • We highly recommend that you also wear a mask