Regional Quarterly Trap Catch Update : October, November and December 2021

Although the total number of pests caught is less in this quarter, (1,436) than the one before (1,671), the decrease is almost entirely due to there being less rats and mice caught. This is because of the abundant natural supply of food during the summer months for these rodents so they’re less likely to be keen on trap baits. While the mustelid catch rate has stayed about the same this time, we usually expect to see an increase in mustelid catches at this time of year due to young stoats being out and about. Juvenile stoats tend to get “kicked out” of their nest in the summer months so there are often a greater number of stoats roaming around – as well as a greater chance of them encountering a trap! To increase your chances of catching one of these tricky critters, keep traps baited with meat rather than eggs and rebait regularly to keep it fresh. Good luck!