News From the Community Liaison Team, June 2022

What a busy few months we’ve had in the Community Liaison Team!

At last covid restriction easing means we’ve been able to start getting some events under our belts, with new community and family traplines started, hui’s with other conservation groups working in Rodney, new group launch events and of course co-hosting the amazing Cam Speedy Workshops. It’s been wonderful to actually get out into our community to connect – something we love to do. Also our senior community liaison team member Michelle Worth has been promoted this month, and is now overseeing both the community liaison and predator control teams, a big congratulations to Michelle, and we’re looking forward to a new member to replace her in community liaison soon 😀

Puhoi Landcare Event TFBT Stand – Emma & Cam

The traplines on and around Tamahunga are nearly complete. We’ve been so thankful for the energy and enthusiasm of those who live around the maunga, to take part in the Kiwi Protection Project. Taking on trapping on their own properties to help our native species thrive. Many are first time trappers, keen to do their bit for NZ conservation, which fills us with joy. We look forward to sharing their journey with them!

A junior volunteer checking a trap

A highlight this past month has been hosting the Cam Speedy workshops – what a lot we all learnt. Everyone we chatted to afterwards was so inspired to get out there and supercharge their trapline! If you weren’t able to attend, join us on the facebook community page where we are sharing the knowledge we picked up at these events: There’s so much more we can do to ensure trapping success long term.

Cam Speedy Evening

Looking ahead we are expanding our work in and around the Pakiri area, and working with the Whangateau ratepayers association to assist residents who’d like to get involved in predator control as part of the kiwi protection programme. The date has now been set for our Mataia Kiwi Open Day too, so save the date – July 3rd. It’s a chance for everyone in the area to come along and find out more about the flourishing kiwi colony there, and how we plan to expand their predator control zone as they start to expand their territory. We’d love to see you there