Local Conservation Groups Join Forces For Nature

The Forest Bridge Trust (TFBT) and the Mahurangi conservation group, Mahu West Pest Incorporated (MWP) are delighted to announce their collaboration to create a new area of focus around Pukapuka and Cowan Bay roads.

TFBT has the vision of “a connected landscape with healthy forest and flourishing indigenous wildlife from the Kaipara Harbour to the Pacific Coast”. As part of this, TFBT has committed to support Mahu West Pest with the planned expansion into Hub 7, growing the area under predator control.

TFBT Executive Director, Tracy Tristram, commented, “By combining our efforts and resources in the area, the two organisations can better support the local community to achieve their predator control aspirations. This will benefit native flora and fauna so they can flourish once more. We are thrilled to be able to support and work collaboratively with other conservation groups in our area in this way”.

Mahu West Pest, created by local resident Brian Bramell, has grown quickly as more residents join in the possum and mustelid trapping efforts. The combined trapping work in the area along with The Forest Bridge Trust volunteers are starting to show results, with Kereru and other natives starting to return, and trees previously decimated by possum recovering; their canopies now lush with new growth. More volunteers are learning of the initiative and joining all the time and will be led by the MWP team with TFBT providing traps, advice, and training support to help the protected land area expand.

Brian says, “It’s exciting to see a whole community and separate conservation groups come together in this way to preserve and protect the nature around them and shows what a difference can be made quickly. From one person trapping in their own backyard, to whole networks of people working together to improve biodiversity and reduce introduced pest animal and plant influences. From these simple seeds entire ecosystems of protection can be built.”

Will you be the first seed in your neighbourhood? To learn more about pest and predator control for your property contact admin@theforestbridgetrust.org.nz or Mahu West Pest Inc – BLBCIMS@gmail.com