The Forest Bridge Trust (TFBT) provides integrated fencing and pest control services. For more information please
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TFBT takes the hassle out of applying for funding and reporting back to the funder. Once contact has been established, TFBT assists landowners to make decisions on good locations for fences, waterway set-backs, and cost estimates.

Site Visit and Project Discussion

  • Prior to a site visit, the landowner determines the fence location and if previous stock water supply will be cut off. TFBT staff will then carry out a site visit. We will require transport to get to the fence site from your farmhouse. This gives landowners control over visitor safety and biosecurity and allows discussion along the way.


  • TFBT can create a map with you to plan the fence line and its construction.
  • Considerations:
    • Do you want to use your own fencing contractor, or do the fence yourself?
    • TFBT can recommend a fencer and arrange for a site visit when you can discuss fence type, its construction, work scheduling/timing, and finally develop the project cost-estimate.
  • You will need to fund 50% of the project cost and can do that through one or a combination of these things:
    • purchase/supply of materials.
    • do the earth works yourself or pay for it to be done. PLEASE NOTE that our funder will not pay for earth works.
    • build the fence yourself.
  • Provide TFBT with a map and cost estimate for the water supply and/or fence projects. TFBT will discuss the quote and overall projected costs and timeframe and produce an application for funding.

Must Do’s

  • The funder requires the final fence map to be provided for their records which will be visible to the public, you will need to agree, or the application cannot proceed. If the project is approved, you will be asked to sign a “Goodwill Agreement” that identifies your future responsibilities once the project is completed including future visits for monitoring purposes.

What will the Forest Bridge Trust do?

  • Seek funding on behalf of the landowner.
  • Complete and manage all funding applications.
  • Site visits, manage progress payments, final inspection, and reporting back to funder.
  • Provide free predator control advice.
  • Carry out future monitoring.
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