Celebrating Our Trappers of the MonthA Collaborative approach to Conservation

In March we recognised the work of a Te Arai based husband-and-wife team. This dynamic duo has been named our Trappers of the Month, and their commitment to protecting local wildlife is nothing short of commendable.

Approximately nine months ago, this farming couple took on the challenge of installing more than 20 traps on their farm. Since then, they have tirelessly checked and rebaited these traps, despite the already demanding nature of farm life. It’s an impressive feat that speaks volumes about their passion for preserving the environment and the welfare of native species.

What sets this couple apart is their collaborative approach to trapping. They venture out together on their quad bike, efficiently attending to all of their traps in one go. It’s a testament to their teamwork and shared commitment to making a difference in their community.

When asked about their motivation to become trappers, their response was rooted in a desire to address the impact of pests on local wildlife. With QEII bush on their farm, the Council’s inquiries about pest control initiatives aligned perfectly with the trapping efforts supported by The Forest Bridge Trust.

Setting Tool

Despite the challenges they face, such as sourcing bait for mustelid traps and maintaining regular trap checks, the satisfaction of knowing they are contributing to the protection of native flora and fauna keeps them motivated.

The sight of a caught possum serves as a reminder of the importance of their work and fuels their determination to continue their efforts despite the chill of the forthcoming winter months.

In recognition of their unwavering dedication, a monitoring camera has been deployed on their farm. This technology will provide valuable insights into the presence of wildlife in their area, further enhancing their conservation efforts.

Congratulations to this remarkable couple on their well-deserved recognition as Trappers of the Month. A monitoring camera has been deployed to this farm to better observe the critters around the property.