Become a Backyard Trapper

Become a Backyard Trapper

Wherever you live in our rohe, The Forest Bridge Trust would love to support your efforts to make your neighbourhood predator free, (stoats, weasels, ferrets, rats, possums) for the protection of our amazing native taonga species.

The research is clear, if we do nothing eventually the introduced predator species will eradicate many of our defenceless natives (including kiwi, wrybills, the New Zealand dotterel and black-fronted terns). With your support with predator control we can reverse this trend and give our endangered wildlife a fighting chance.

It’s easy to get involved with Back Yard Trapping. The Forest Bridge Trust can help those in rural areas to get started . Full Training is given and we will connect those of you in urban areas with your closest Predator Free 2050 group.

Getting started is easy!

Take the leadSet up a predator free community group in your area

We are looking for members of the community who would like to start a predator control group on their property and then help us to reach out to neighbours and friends in the area to get a real community effort going. Neighbourhoods and street hubs are becoming a very popular way for people to get involved with predator control. It’s a great way to see incredible results fast and to make a huge impact on the biodiversity in your area. Not to mention it’s a lot more fun to work with others to make a difference and strengthen community ties! Get in touch with our Community Liaison team to see how we can support you with FREE tools and training.

Volunteer a few hoursHelp us to help others

Could you assist a busy farmer or an older person in your neighbourhood with predator control by helping to maintain and check their traps? We often meet people who are passionate about conservation but just don’t have the time or physical ability to look after traps themselves. Having willing locals to assist can make all the difference.

Spread the wordAre you a world class networker?

We would love to hear from local social butterflies who know everyone and would like to help us connect with your community.  Simply get in touch with our Community Liaison Team who will be able to provide you with information in the form of flyers, letters or social media links to help you get the word out about back yard trapping!

Talk to us!

The Forest Bridge Trust Community Liaison team run events throughout the year to connect Backyard Trappers and Volunteers from all across our community – bringing together passionate like-minded individuals to learn, grow and share. Join our Facebook page/ group or Instagram or LinkedIn accounts to keep in touch with the next event near you, or sign up to receive our bi-monthly newsletter.

Can’t wait to get started as a Back Yard Trapper? Contact our Community Liaison Team today - or 0220 240 314.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!