Ag Day at Tauhoa School

The Forest Bridge Trust had an amazing time at the Tauhoa School AG day last Saturday! 🌿
Our dedicated volunteer and fencing and planting teams, set up an interactive stall and were joined by the wonderful Hana Aiken from Tauhoa Trappers to explain why we are all so passionate about predator control and trapping.

The taxidermy predators and birds were a big hit, giving everyone a chance to get up close and personal with creatures like stoats, ferrets, and rats to learn more about their size, shape, and colours.

Our large-scale map of Tauhoa displayed the diverse birdlife spotted in the area, including threatened species like Matuku-hūrepo. Many folks weren’t familiar with the bittern, making it a fantastic learning experience.

Tauhoa School Ag Day The3 Forest Bridge Trust

Families were able to check the map, find their properties, and were surprised to learn how close they were to precious Taonga species. Some are closer than they ever realised!

We had traps on display, and we enjoyed answering questions about baits, lures, trap positioning, and recording catches. It’s heartening to see so many properties already involved in pest trapping.

The students had a blast with the trapping games, and it’s clear that future trappers are in the making!

The Tauhoa trapping group is growing, and everyone is eager to join forces to protect our native wildlife. We’re also excited to see the enthusiasm for more planting and fencing to help recover from the recent flooding and slips.

Thank you Tauhoa for your support and enthusiasm! Let’s keep working together to safeguard our local wildlife and environment.