A Thank You to Hireworks -Such a relief!

As many of you may know, our staff, volunteers and neighbouring community groups are heads down tails up implementing predator control around the Mount Tamahunga area. We now have a storage shed nearby with a small office cabin where staff and volunteers can pick up equipment and gather to plan their work – but, we had no loo!

As you will appreciate, this is an essential facility and a health and safety issue, especially with the growing numbers of people helping out. So, we contacted Hire Works at Snells Beach to see what it might cost us to install a port-a-loo on site.

The team there were amazing, and thanks to Jono who rushed our request to the management team, Hire Works offered to give us a port-a-loo as a donation. It is now installed and doing its job for our team and volunteers. This “convenience” is greatly appreciated, and we thank Hire Works for their support of our work in creating a safe buffer zone for kiwi to return to the area in a few months.

Local business support is making a real difference for TFBT, so thanks again to all the awesome business owners, employees and companies who help. Our growing list of Supporters is available on our website.

The Team at Hire Works, Snell Beach